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Snugg iPad Keyboard Case Review

Snugg iPad Keyboard Case Review

One of the great drawbacks of the iPad and iPad Mini has been a lack of a physical keyboard. The touchscreen keyboard takes a lot of getting used to, but even with autocorrect helping you along, it still can’t compare to the speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard.

Enter The Snugg (the company isn’t called “Snugg”, but “The Snugg”) keyboard case. My first thought when I saw it was that is was beautiful. It’s made of the same anodized aluminum material as are the backs of iPads and iPhones. So stylistically speaking it fits seamlessly with your iPad 2/3/4 (it doesn’t fit the first generation iPad). You snap on the case by placing your iPad face down (with the Apple logo) facing out. You can carry it around like that, however it doesn’t provide much impact protection that way. You may want to carry it around in a sleeve, or your backpack.

Best Feature: Long-Lasting Battery

snugg ipad mini keyboard case - bluetooth

The rechargeable battery, after the first charge-up, lasted for a full three weeks of daily use (of about two hours typing). The Bluetooth connection has a neat power saving feature where it automatically turns itself off after five minutes of inactivity. There’s a manual switch you turn on in the bottom corner to activate the keyboard, and then the iPad will find it pretty quickly.

Second Best Feature: The Keyboard Layout

My second favorite feature was actually the layout of the keyboard. This surprised me, since I found the keyboard to be quite small and cramped at first. I have ‘average man fingers’, and at first I found it awkward putting my hands so close together when typing. I gave it a couple days of typing, and what happened surprised me: I started typing faster than with my regular keyboard.
I think it has to do with the distance the fingers need to travel to hit each key. Once I adapted to the smaller space I was using less movement to type and hence started typing faster. It’s one of those counter-intuitive things that surprised me.

What Needs Improvement:

As much as I like the sleek look, the Snugg’s back-side (when you are in typing mode) is smooth and, as much as I like the sleek look) it slid all over my kitchen counter. Apple’s bluetooth keyboard has little rubber grips on the bottom that keep it from sliding on sleek surfaces, and I think Snugg’s case could easily benefit from those little tiny bumpers that make all the difference. It you’re typing on a wooden table at a cafe, it didn’t make any difference. But marble counters made for a mildly-frustrating time.

Overall, the looks of this case won me over right away, but the smaller size put me off. After I started using it everyday, it became my favorite keyboard to type on, but the sleek look started impeding my experience. It adds very little size to the iPad, and can easily be set up. If you want a keyboard case that can provide impact protection as well, go with the Kensington KeyFolio iPad Case. If you want a case that preserves the great design of the iPad, go with Snugg’s iPad Case.

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