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Best HTC One Cases

This year Motorala has launched its new flagship phone: the HTC One (available for $159.99 on Instead of releasing multiple phones, Motorola is taking inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy III’s success and focusing on making one phone the absolute best it can be. And so far, it has worked: the HTC One has been getting rave reviews. Gizmodo has declared it the ‘best Android phone you can buy right now’ (even after the Galaxy S4 came out). Cnet declared that “the powerhouse HTC One is a beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone.” Now comes the difficult task of choosing the right case to go with your new smartphone. These cases below are ranked based on a number of factors, including impact protection, preserving full functionality of your phone and how little bulk it adds to your phone.

1. Case-Mate Tough HTC One Case


From looking at the Tough case from Case-Mate, you can barely tell that it’s a rugged case. It’s slim, barely adding any size at all to the HTC one. This case ranks number one on this list because strikes just the right balance between impact protection while keeping a slim and lightweight profile. It has two layers of protection: a soft silicone skin that covers the phone and provides impact protection, and a hard polycarbonate outer shell. The outer shell has a rippled texture on the back that makes the phone stick to your hand when your holding (thereby avoiding lots of drops before they happen). It has cutouts for all the ports, which for some looking for a water/dirt resistant rugged case the Otterbox Commuter is the better option for you.

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2. Otterbox Commuter Case for the HTC One


A little more impact resistance coupled with dirt/moisture protection means that the Commuter case is far and away the most rugged HTC One case on this list. It comes with three layers of protection, a screen protector, and ports that cover the headphones jack and lightning port. It has raised buttons that fit over the HTC One’s native buttons, which all work quite well, if not quite as responsive as the buttons themselves. The Otterbox Commuter is meant for, as the name implies, for the frequent traveller who wants to make sure their HTC one sill survive drops on the sidewalk, rain, and all the other obstacles of the everyday city dweller. Those who work outdoors or who want the most protective case possible should look to the
Otterbox Defender Series
, which is like putting your smartphone in a tank.

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3. i-Blason CandyGel Hybrid Slim Case for HTC One


Relative newcomer i-Blason has made one of the lightest smartphone cases I’ve ever tried. The ultra slim snap on case has a polycarbonate back and TPU bumper style sides that make the phone easy to grip. The high bevel on the bumper also means that, despite the ultra-slim profile of the case, it raises the screen off the ground when you place the phone face down. It preserves full functionality of your smartphone with cutouts to all the major ports and cameras. The one caveat is that i-Blason put their logo on top of the ‘Beats Audio’ logo that appears on the bottom of the HTC One case. It didn’t look good. But other than that these cases are slim, stylish, and most importantly lets you enjoy your HTC One while not getting in the way.

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4. BodyGlove HTC One DropSuit Case


Another protective case for the HTC One. But what makes this one different? In addition to the usual shock-absorbing build that will protect your phone, the BodyGlove also features an ’embedded anti-microbial agent’ that will prevent the growth and transfer of microorganisms. Bacteria has been known to linger on smartphones and even cause visible stains as they damage the phones/cases that they live on. We all know that the bathroom is a popular place for smartphone usage, so this anti-bacterial case is a great way to make sure you aren’t carrying undesirable microorganisms around with you.

best htc one cases

5. BodyGuardz HTC One Armor Art Skins


Whereas there are tons of options for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy owners when it comes to custom cases, popular sites like Zazzle and Cafepress don’t feature HTC One cases. BodyGuardz stepped up in a big way with this one. They offer hundreds of patterns and designs for their cases, in addition to a custom design builder. So if you have a photo or particular picture that you want on your phone, then BodyGuardz is a great option. The BodyGuardz Armor skins are not cases, but skins, so they won’t offer much in the way of impact protection. But if you’re looking for a way to make your HTC One your own (the skins remove easily for when you’re ready to sell/upgrade your phone). Just remember to use high resolution pictures (200ppi or higher) when uploading your own photos or pictures.

best htc one cases

6. Boxwave Bodysuit Case for the HTC One


When Boxwave called this case the ‘Bodysuit’, they weren’t kidding around: it’s like a wet-suit for your phone. It fits really snugly around your smartphone. But once you fit it on the smartphone, it adds more impact protection than you would expect. It wasn’t as lightweight as the i-Blason Candy Shell Case, but the grippy texture of the back made it nice and easy to hold in my hand. All in all, nothing that makes this case extraordinary, but it does the little things well: it looks good, it stays out of the way, and protects your phone when you need it to.

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7. Poetic Atmosphere HTC One Case


This might be the most stylish case on this list. Poetic’s Atmosphere case features a frosted back that lets the HTC and ‘Beats Audio’ logos to shine through nicely. It features grey borders around the edges that make it easy to grip. It also has built-in volume control buttons. The case I got unfortunately blocked the IR Blaster (which Poetic knows about and will start shipping the fixed case on May 13th). If it not for that little snag, this case might have been ranked much higher (and we’ll update it when we get our hands on the new one).

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There you have it! And of course you can check out our Case Shop for more Motorola HTC One Cases. We’ll keep adding them as they become available.

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