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Best iPhone 5 Cases

Best iPhone 5 Cases

Welcome to Case Cafe’s round up of the best iPhone 5 cases. Now, what you consider to be the best will likely depend on what you want to your case to do for you. Do you want your phone to be waterproof? Drop-proof? Or maybe it’s about style. Many cases try to walk that fine line between protection and letting the sleek design of Apple’s iPhone shine through.
The following cases are the best at what they do.

Three things to look for in choosing a case for your iPhone 5.

  • Protection – this seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many cases don’t adequately protect your phone from the bumps of life.
  • Style – Does your phone look good with the case in it? A case can do this two ways: 1. allow the iPhone’s design to shine through, and 2. add a little style of its own.
  • Usability – Can you still use your phone when it’s in the case? Sometimes side buttons can be covered up, or the screen protector inhibits the sensitivity of the touch screen.
  • Damage to your Phone – Some cases can scratch your phone, which hurts the resale value of your phone.

1. Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case


  • Protection: 5.o
  • Style: 4.8
  • Usability: 4.85
  • Overall: 4.9

Lifeproof’s cases are all guaranteed to have the four ‘proofs’: water, dirt, snow and shock. There are lots of cases that provide some degree of protection from each, but none are able to do all four and yet remain as small as this case is. Measuring in at 1.5 mm thickness and weighing under an ounce, your iPhone 5 will still be thinner than a naked iPhone 4S.
The case also has a cool speaker system where sound is amplified as it comes out, and yet water can’t come in. So you can play music in a rainstorm without worries. You can take record video while snorkeling, and then take it skiing.
Instead of using a screen protector, Lifeproof’s case uses pressure to keep water out, so your touchscreen doesn’t lose any responsiveness. Keep in mind though, that the screen won’t respond to gestures underwater. So you’ll need to start video recording before you plunge your phone underwater.

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2. Case-Mate Naked Tough iPhone 5 Case

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case


  • Protection: 4.85
  • Style: 4.9
  • Usability: 4.9
  • Overall: 4.87

For those erring on the side of style, Case-Mate has combined two of their most popular cases, the ‘naked’ cases that focus on style, and the ‘tough’ cases that focused on protection. The result truly is a best of both worlds that improves on the previous case’s mistakes.
The previous “Tough” case was very protective, but it had a hard back that obscured Apple’s logo and also kept your phone in place with a tiny piece of cloth that would (in rare occasions, granted) leak colors onto the phone.
The Naked Tough has the same protective bumper that outlines the case, but combines it with a sleek, transparent back that adds protection while still showing off the Apple logo. It has cutouts for all the major buttons, so there’s absolutely no hindrance to any of the phone’s functionality. All in all, it’s Case-Mate’s best case yet.

3. Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 case review

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Case


  • Protection: 4.9
  • Style: 4.75
  • Usability: 4.8
  • Overall: 4.83

Otterbox’s cases are legendary for their protectiveness. The Defender series of cases are built like tanks, but a lot of bulk. (Lifeproof’s case adds a similar amount of impact protection but is smaller and is also waterproof).
The Commuter series is Otterbox’s best combination of minimalism and protection. Like the name implies, the case is designed primarily for city dwellers who want to protect their case from the inevitable drops on the sidewalk, but don’t want their case getting in the way too much.

4. Zazzle’s iPhone 5 Cases

best zazzle iphone 5 cases


  • Protection: 4.7
  • Style: 5.0
  • Usability: 4.75
  • Overall: 4.8

Custom phone case maker Zazzle is definitely the most stylish of the cases on this list, given that you have thousands of designs to choose from (you can even add your own design). What most people don’t know is that Zazzle’s cases are among some of the highest quality ones out there. Zazzle uses Speck phone cases. Not only that, but the printing process they use embeds colors into the case itself, meaning that your case’s design won’t fade or chip over time.

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5. iSkin Revo 360 Case for the iPhone 5

iskin revo best iphone 5 cases

iSkin Revo iPhone 5 Case


  • Protection: 4.9
  • Style: 4.6
  • Usability: 4.7/strong>
  • Overall: 4.7

iSkin has been making sleek and stylish cases for smartphones and tablets for a while, but they managed to hit it out the park with their first protective iPhone 5 case. The result is probably the most stylish protective case on the market today. It’s comparable to the Otterbox Commuter in size and protectiveness.
iSkin’s model has a few color combinations that look pretty awesome. It also has a nice ridged surface that makes it nearly impossible to slip out of your hand. Seriously, you feel like Spiderman when you’re holding the phone, which makes it an ideal case for using at the gym.
The belt clip is either a big bonus or a negative, depending on your personal taste. I personally don’t like the ‘phone on your belt’ look. It is detachable, thankfully.

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