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Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case Review

When people think of heavy-duty, rugged iPhone 5 cases they tend to think of brands like Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof. But one case that gives them a run for their money is the Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case. This case is a military grade protective case that will protect your case from rain, dirt, impact, and…well, anything short of a nuclear blast. The trade-off is that the case is even bulkier than the Otterbox Defender case.


When we said it was military grade protection, we weren’t kidding. Griffin proudly touts that the Survivor phone cases meet the US Department of Defense 810f testing standards. It has a polycarbonate frame that is shatter resistant, as well as a softer silicon insides that cushion your phone from any impact. It comes with it’s own screen protector, as well as port covers to protect your phone against moisture and dirt getting into the ports.

The Good:

This is the apex of heavy duty protection. It’s safe to say that your phone will survive anything you can throw at it when it’s wearing this case. If you work in hazardous environments and protection is your number one priority, this is the case you need.
The Griffin Survivor also improved on some drawbacks of their iPhone 4 case. The old case’s camera cover had to be held down while you take a picture. Now the cover simply slides out of the way, which is much more intuitive and convenient.

The Bad:

This case is massive, even larger and bulkier than the Defender. Using it is a bit of a pain if you have small hands.

The Takeaway

Where heavy duty protection is all you’re concerned about, the Griffin Survivor will give you military grade protection from the elements. The drawback is the massive size. If the size is too big, consider the Otterbox Defender Series. If you want a case even smaller with impact protection, then try the Otterbox Commuter or Case-Mate Tough Cases.

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