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Best Blackberry Z10 Cases

Best Blackberry Z10 Cases

Blackberry’s revolutionary Z10 smartphone was released this past March and has become Blackberry’s big new competitor to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. While Blackberry has dabbled in smartphones before with devices like the Blackberry Storm, the Z10 comes with Blackberry’s new touchscreen software, the Blackberry OS 10. The new Z10 is heavily gesture-based (there are no navigation buttons on the Z10) and most of the gestures involve the very edges of the screen (where screen protectors tend to dull a touchscreen’s responsiveness). As a result choosing the right case is critically important to protect your Z10.
The Blackberry Z10’s is mainly constructed out of plastic, (which gives you a little bit of impact protection) but the touchscreen is vulnerable to drop/impacts, and there is no dirt/moisture protection at all. With that in mind, we checked out Z10 cases from major case manufacturers like Otterbox, iSkin, Case-Mate et al. and came out with a ranking of these cases based on protection, added size, and functionality.

1. iSkin Blackberry Z10 Case – Vibes

iskin blackberry z10 case vibes

iSkin makes gel-based cases that effectively absorb shocks from impacts and look good doing it. The Vibes case is translucent, so you can still see the Blackberry’s logo on the back of the phone. It features cutouts for all of the Z10’s ports, and the material tightly seals around the whole phone. It won’t protect against dirt and moisture (only a case with port covers can do that) but it forms a protective seal that doesn’t add much size to your phone at all while adding a lot of impact/drop protection. It also looks really good, coming in several neat colors. And at $29.99 (including an anti-scratch screen film), it’s very budget-friendly as well.

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best blackberry z10 cases

2. Otterbox Defender Series Blackberry Z10 Case

Otterbox Defender Blackberry z10 case

Whereas iSkin does style very well, the Otterbox Defender is a no nonsense utility case that will keep out dirt and moisture better than any other case. The Defender series of cases are like putting your smartphone into a tank. You can put it your Z10 in there and not have to worry until your contract is up and it comes time to sell your mint-condition Z10.
The Defender Series comes with its own screen protector as part of the case. Thankfully the screen protector does not inhibit the Z10’s gestures, even at the very edges of the screen. One of the benefits of this case is that it comes with one of the very best screen protectors you can buy.
It does add quite a bit of bulk to the Z10, nearly doubling it’s .35 inch thickness. The weight doesn’t feel that different, but that may be because the Defender has a great grip that seems to balance the Z10 perfectly in your hand.
Thanks for the lack of onscreen buttons, the functionality of the Z10 is completely preserved in this case. The NFC functionality worked fine and I didn’t noticed a difference in performance between the Z10 being in the case and not being in the case. And while it provides protection from moisture (i.e. in the rain, camping, working outdoors) it’s not waterproof.

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3. Blackberry Leather Cover for the Z10

Blackberry Z10 Leather Pocket Case

How about an offering from Blackberry itself? Since Blackberry users tend to skew towards business minded people, the leather cover projects luxury and prestige. Having the Blackberry logo emblazoned on the outside of the case doesn’t hurt either. The genuine leather case has a soft inner lining that will make you jealous of the treatment you’re giving your own phone. It is a ‘pocket case’, however, so when you get a phone call you’ll need to slide it out to talk. Your Z10 can also slide out if it’s turned upside down. If you’re worried you can get Blackberry’s comparable swivel holster, which has a leather flap that holds your Z10 in the case. It’s made of a rougher leather material (more hardy, but it doesn’t look as good).

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4. i-Blason Armadillo Armored Case for the Blackberry Z10

i-blason armadillo protective blackberry z10 case

The adorably named Armadillo case from i-Blason makes a tough, protective case that’s slimmer and lighter than the Otterbox Defender series. The relative light weight (1.7 oz for the Armadillo to 4.9 oz for the Defender) means you never feel heft when carrying around your Z10. It has two layers of protection: a soft silicone inner layer and a hard polymer outer shell. It’s also reinforced in the corners of the case (where impacts tend to happen most). There’s openings for all of the Z10’s ports, as well as a cutout for the Blackberry logo. The best part is the patterned grip on the case’s back, where it sticks to your hand like glue.

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best blackberry z10 cases

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5. Poetic Atmosphere Case for the Blackberry Z10

Poetic Atmosphere Blackberry Z10 case review

Poetic is known for making high quality smartphone and tablet cases that also happen to be very budget friendly. Poetic even offers a three year warranty (the length of most smartphone contracts) on their case so you never have to worry. Out of Poetic’s lineup of Blackberry Z10 cases we chose the Atmosphere case because it strikes a nice balance between style and protection. The case is mostly transparent, with the sides outlined by a color of your choice (the black blend in with the Z10, but the blue really adds style points). It barely adds any size or heft at all to the Z10 and yet will protect it against the occasional drop on the sidewalk. The front the case is raised so that the touchscreen doesn’t touch the surface when placed face down. It has its own volume buttons that fit over the Z10’s buttons and didn’t impede the usability of the phone at all. It also clearly displays the Blackberry logo on the back, which is a nice touch.

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6. Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum Case for the Blackberry Z10

Case-Mate Barely There Blackberry Z10 case

Case-Mate isn’t messing around when they this their “Barely There” case. It’s a super-slim, sleek case that blends in perfectly with your Blackberry Z10, while still giving it enough impact protection to keep your case in mint condition. Case-Mate has other Z10 cases, like the visually striking Artistry Woods and Brushed Aluminum cases, but these cases add quite a bit of size and weight to the Z10. If you’re looking for a minimalist case that blends seamlessly with your Z10 phone while still giving it enough protection, the Barely There case hits just the right note.

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There you have it! We also have plenty more cases in the Blackberry Z10 section of our Case Shop!

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