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Boxwave Leather iPhone 5 Flip Case Review

“A Leather Flip Case with Style”

The Boxwave Leather iPhone 5 Flip Case brings to mind Captain Kirk’s flip communicator (at least for me!). Boxwave’s genuine leather iPhone case gives you the chance to have a luxurious feeling leather flip case while still providing that geeky pleasure of being a 1960’s Starship Captain.

But seriously, the flip cases provide ample protection to your phone by covering the screen when not in use. This also saves battery, as the phone shuts off when covers hit the sensor. Is Nero’s Leather flip case all that it promises?

The Good:

nero leather iphone 5 case - inside

Pretty luxurious looking interior…

The hardened genuine leather backing provides ample protection against impacts and also gives your case a solid feeling. The leather is naturally easy to grip so there’s no worry about slipping out of your hands. There’s cutouts for your speakers and ports. The soft velvet insides feel luxurious and may make you jealous of the treatment your iPhone is getting.

The Bad:

While there are cutouts in the soft velvet for your home button, the screen itself is half covered by the slip. This is fine for when your taking calls or choosing songs to play, but if you want to play a game, then you’ll have to at least raise the phone halfway out of the case to access your screen’s full real estate.

The Takeaway:

This is the most luxurious and comfortable feeling genuine leather flip case available (so far) for the iPhone 5. The materials are quality and the price is very good. If you want a good leather flip case for your phone that will last as long as you have the phone, this case is for you.


  • Made from 100% Genuine Leather
  • Interior lined with soft velvet
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Cutouts for buttons and connectors

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