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Cute iPhone 5 Cases

“Cute” is a subjective term, and yet we all know it when we see it. Puppies, teddy bears, all these things are pretty universally considered ‘cute’. There are many cute iPhone cases out there, but we were able to narrow this list down to the 5 ‘cutest iphone 5 cases’.
We combined the cuteness factor with practicality: some cases are adorable but simply will not last. And lastly, ranking theses cases in terms of cuteness was not easy, as saying no to some of these cases was like refusing to pet a puppy.

1. Case-Mate Creatures: Xing Case

cute iphone 5 cases

To those not in the know (which includes me, I had to look it up), Xing is a famous Chinese panda. This case says it’s inspired by Xing, although I’m not sure how you can tell Xing from any other panda on the planet.
The case itself is a well-built, flexible silicone case. The raised pieces on the back work to make the phone easier to grip so it won’t slip out of your hand. My favorite part is that it has little tiny ears on the corners! It also has raised sides so your phone can lay flat and not touch the surface. And my other favorite part is the adorable little paw keychain on the corner that is functional but also just plain adorable!

Price: $30.00

More Cute Creature Cases from Case-Mate (click link to visit site):

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2. Wowcase’s Animal iPhone 5 Case

iwowcase cute plush iphone 5 - kitty

Believe it or not this is an iPhone 5 case. The phone goes in the front and plush toy becomes a de-facto handle for your phone. The plush toy itself can rotate a full 360 degrees depending on your preference. The plush toy is 100% washable so you the toy won’t get dirtier and dirtier and time goes on.

These plush toys have a huge cuteness factor but the added size of your phone means that you won’t be able to carry it around in your pocket. It would fit better in the front pouch of your back pack or jacket pocket. There’s also plenty of cute animals to choose from (the elephant is my favorite!).

Price: $28.68

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3. Zazzle’s iPhone 5 Case

zazzle cute iphone 5 cases

The first entry from Zazzle comes as a representative of hundreds of adorable designs. For those who don’t know Zazzle’s iPhone 5 cases are built from Case-Mate’s phone cases, and freelance artists are able to create their own pictures and graphics and put them onto their phone. There’s tons of creative case designs on Zazzle. Also, the coloring process Zazzle uses infuses the colors into the case itself, meaning that the designs won’t chip or fade over time.
This particular case is from Zazzle designer enchantfancy (this link takes you to the artist’s store). She has several different styles of cute pig iPhone cases as well as t-shirts and mugs.

Price $46.70

The regular price for Zazzle’s iPhone 5 cases are around $45 but there’s always some promo codes you can use to save money. When click through and visit their site, the top header will have a featured promo code for you to help you save money.

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4. Case-Mate Creatures Monkey iPhone 5 Case

I confess that I have a soft spot for monkeys. There’s something adorable and mischievous about them at the same time. There too smart: there’s always up to something! This case is made of the same material as Case-Mate’s panda case above: all silicone with an anti-slip grip. The only difference is that instead of a paw print keychain, it has a banana! I’ll take eight!
But seriously this is the perfect gift for the monkey lover in your family. I may leave a picture of this monkey case open on my computer for my girlfriend to find. Every day….

Price: $30.00

Case-Mate Creatures’ “Bubbles” Video Review:

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