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Best Zazzle iPhone 5 Cases

About Zazzle’s iPhone 5 Cases:

All of Zazzle’s iPhone 5 cases are actually “Case-Mate” brand phone cases. There’s two models: the minimalist “Barely There” case and the “Vibe” case. What’s the difference? The “Vibe” case gets its name because the case redirects the iPhone’s speakers for enhanced audio. Zazzle has a special patented coloring process that embeds designs in the case itself. This means that the custom colors and designs won’t chip away over time, as a painted case might.

Featured Zazzle iPhone 5 Cases for this Week:

1. Steel Phoenix

Designer: JeffBartels

phoenix zazzle iphone 5 cases
There’s an entire section of “Phoenix” iPhone cases on Zazzle. We have no idea why they are so popular, but this case designed by Jeff Bartels stands out as a beautifully crafted image. The phoenix looks like it’s been etched in Chrome. You have to look very closely at it before you realize that it’s actually a flat image with creative use of shadows that create a sense of depth.

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2. Yin Yang Dragons

Designer: JeffBartels

Yin Yang Dragons
While we’re on the ‘beast theme’, this is another creation by the same designer. The yin yang dragons are a perfectly symmetrical mirror image of each other, one in black and one in white. It captures a certain eastern aesthetic while at the same time appearing very modern. One way to let someone know you mean business is to pull out your phone and let them see these dragons on the back!

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3. Varnished Wood iPhone 5 Case

Designer: mvdesigns

Cool Varnished Wood Look iPhone 5 Case
It’s amazing seeing what is essentially ‘crowd-sourced creativity’ at work. This case makes your phone look like a fine piece of varnished wood furniture. Of course the best thing about this is that you don’t have the problems you would have with regular wood (splintering, water damage) but you still get that warm, luxurious look. There’s quite a few wooden iPhone 5 cases out there (click the link below to check them all out), but this one looks the most sophisticated (in my opinion).
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4. Black/White Flowers iPhone 5 Case

Best Zazzle iPhone 5 Cases

Designer: takecover

I like the designer’s name. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Anyway, this case is a hauntingly beautiful case. A little gothic, a little romantic, this case features a silver plant with curling stems that have three flowers growing out of them: two black and one red. It’s clean, smooth and a great use of contrast.
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5. Silver Metallic Case

Cool Silver Metal Look iPhone4 Case

Designer: mvdesigns

Want to convince someone that they’re a vampire? This metal looking design makes your case appear to have a metallic finish. Although if you hold it up to someone, they’ll have no reflection. Short of creating a ‘mirror case’ that deliberately hides the main subject (I think we’re at least a few years away from that), this is a great way to freak out your friends. Oh, and it’s also a good looking case too. It gives you that metallic look without having to carry a heavy (and possibly damaging to electronics) case around with you.
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There you have it! Check back each week as we feature new and compelling designs from the Zazzle store.

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