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Best Rugged iPad Mini Cases

Best Rugged iPad Mini Cases

As great as the iPad Mini, or any other Apple product is designed, those devices tend to fall out of your hand. The sleek devices are built to be portable, which means their exposed to the elements in ways other computers aren’t. If you have a tendency to expose your iPad Mini to the elements (i.e. rain, snow, drops on the sidewalk, children) then having a protective case that can keep your iPad Mini in working order is a must.

Here we’ll feature the most protective iPad Mini cases available at the moment. There are some, like the Griffin Survivor and Otterbox Defender, that have military grade protection (seriously). Then we’ll also feature some ‘less-extreme’ rugged cases that will protect you against drops on the sidewalk but strike a balance between protection and design.

1. Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini Case

Otterbox Defender iPad Mini Case - rugged ipad mini

Otterbox is one of the biggest smartphone and case manufacturers, and the Defender series is probably their ‘flagship’ case. It’s incredibly protective. It is guaranteed for drops of up to six feet, but it has been known to withstand impacts from far higher. The build in screen protector is nice and helps prevent against puncture damage (children trying to write on it with sharp pencils?). The case’s back folds out to become a multi-level stand for your iPad Mini.
The case is built like a tank. It is large (it doubles the thickness of your iPad Mini) but it basically means you never have to worry about your iPad Mini again.

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2. Survivor Griffin iPad Mini Case

griffin survivor ipad mini - rugged ipad mini cases

When the Otterbox isn’t enough, the Griffin Survivor meets (or exceeds) military standards of protection against rain, wind, dirt and shock. It’s bigger and bulkier than the Otterbox Defender (which is why it’s ranked number 2), it offers even more protection. While there’s no true waterproof iPad Mini case available just yet, The Griffin Survivor is as close as it gets. Every port is covered, including protective screens for the display and the two cameras. The back is mainly comprised of a mainly rubberized material that feels light and is easy to carry around. It also has the benefit of being available in many different colors, giving it definite style points. The colors available (see the picture above) make it a great choice as a case for your child.

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griffin survivor best rugged ipad mini cases

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Case-Mate Tough XTreme iPad Mini Case

Case-Mate Tough Xtreme ipad mini case

Yet another heavy-duty protective iPad Mini case that meets or exceeds military testing. Case-Mate’s Tough Xtreme case has the same shock-proof, rain-proof, dirt-proof protection that the Griffin Survivor and Otterbox Defender has. It has a neat fold out-stand so you can set up the iPad Mini to do some work or watch a movie. It also happens to be, at $50, about $20 cheaper than both the above models.
So why isn’t it #1? After much debate, the port covers are what made me knock it down. The port seals work to keep out rain and dirt, but the way they are constructed allows for dirt to build up along the edges of the covers. It isn’t a problem unless you’re working in a really dirty, dusty environment, and then it can become a nuisance. Other than that, it’s an incredibly protective case that is a little slimmer than the Otterbox Defender. So if you don’t want to spend $80 on a rugged case but want a stylish, protective case that can withstand the elements no problem, the Case-Mate Tough Xtreme is an excellent case.

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Gumdrop DropTech iPad Mini Case

Gumdrop Droptech iPad Mini Case - best rugged ipad mini

Gumdrop’s main focus with this case, which you can tell by the title, is to make an almost ‘drop-proof’ case. The dual layer construction comes with reinforced rubber ‘bumpers’ on all four corners of the case (where most impacts happen) which absorbs all the impact from drops on the sidewalk. It has a built-in screen protector as well as the usual port covers for your headphones, charging port, etc. The one knock is the back of the case. The ‘diagonal brick’ design looks cool, but when handling it for long periods, it’s difficult to get a good grip on the case. I found that holding it for long periods would create little dents in my fingers from where I was pressing down harder than I should have (considering the iPad Mini is so light).

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The Snugg Rugged iPad Mini Case

Snugg iPad Mini Rugged Case

The Snugg iPad Mini Case


  • Protection: 4.95
  • Style: 4.8
  • Usability: 4.8
  • Overall: 4.85

Speaking of unusual designs, ‘The Snugg’ has a great protective case whose ‘black brick’ design would make a great gift for a video game loving child. The square blocks all over the case actually help to isolate the energy from shocks, protecting your iPad Mini to the point where the device is virtually indestructible. The raised lip on the front also keeps the screen away from the floor. While it doesn’t have any rain or snow protection, the case is more for people who are clumsy and just want a case that will survive being dropped with no problem at all. The neat design also makes it a great case if you have child that will be using it a lot.

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There you have it! Feel free to visit our Case Shop for dozens more rugged iPad Mini Cases.

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