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Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn’t even hit shelves yet, but it is already causing huge waves in the smartphone market. The follow up to the immensely popular Galaxy SIII smartphone is available for pre-order now (you can pre-order it with your preferred carrier here on, and it definitely brings a sense of what the future of smartphones will become. Touchless scrolling, eye-tracking (to pause videos when you look away from the phone) and a built-in universal remote app definitely promise an expanded role for smartphones in our future. Eventually they’re going to start doing everything!

Popular smartphone case-makers like Otterbox, Griffin, iSkin and Griffin have already started taking pre-orders for Galaxy S4 cases fitted to fit the new phone. If you’re looking for a rugged, stylish, or even a minimalist case, there’s one for everyone in this round-up. We even feature Samsung’s own folio case built specifically for the S4, which features a display window for when it’s closed and operates like a little smart cover.

What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • 7.9mm thick and weighing in at 130g (The Galaxy SIII is 8.6mm thick)
  • 1080p Super AMOLED HD Dispaly (441 PPI) – the contrasts on screen are unsurpassed.
  • 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera
  • 1.9 GHz processor.

1. Otterbox Defender Series for the Galaxy S4

otterbox defender samsung galaxy s4 case - best

Otterbox’s Flagship case, the Defender series, is an ultra protective case that is essentially like putting your phone into a tank. It has three layers of protection: the built-in screen protector, a soft shock-absorbing polycarbonate inner layer and a hard silicone outer shell. It has port covers for all the major ports, keeping your phone free from dirt, snow and moisture (although it’s water-resistant, it isn’t waterproof).
If you want a rugged, protective case you can’t get better than the Otterbox Defender. It does add quite a bit of bulk, nearly doubling the thickness of the phone itself. Although smartphones tend to be so thin these days the added bulk doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

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otterbox defender galaxy s4 case

2. iSkin Exo Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

iskin exo samsung galaxy s4 cases

If you find the Otterbox Defender too bulky or boring, iSkin’s high quality cases are much more stylish, slim, and yet still give you quite a bit of impact protection. While it won’t survive you driving your car over the phone, these iSkin cases will protect you from the occassional drop on the sidewalk. Another plus is iSkins’s anti-microbial silicone case construction, which will prevent your phone from developing discolorations (not to mention smell) after being in your pocket for long periods. iSkin released two cases for the S4, ‘Aura’, and ‘Vibes’. While the Aura has a solid polycarbonate construction and looks great, it leaves the top and bottom of your smartphone unprotected. The Vibes is a much more complete case overall, comes in a great selection of vivid colors (cosmic purple!) and comes with a clear screen protector.

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best samsung galaxy s4 cases

3. Case-Mate Tough Galaxy S4 Case

Case-Mate Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Case-Mate’s Tough case is actually quite slim, adding barely any bulk to the Galaxy’s slimmer profile. The protective yet slim Tough case combines the slim profile of Case-Mate’s popular ‘Naked’ case and gives it powerful shock absorbing capabilities. The materials that make up the Tough case are opposite that of the Otterbox Defender: a soft shock-absorbing inner layer surrounded by a hard polycarbonate outer shell. The case has cutouts for all the phone’s ports, which means it isn’t as protective against dirt and moisture as the Defender. The case itself it pretty to look at and does make your Galaxy look nice. The only colors available are black and two-tone blue (my favorite).

[DFR:Embeddable Compset?p=1589401021728174]

4. Samsung Galaxy Folio S4 Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Folio Case Review

This time Samsung is releasing its very own folio case specifically designed for the new Galaxy S4, and it’s really cool. It works like a smart cover in that it puts the phone to sleep when it is covering the display. It has a cutout that shows the time, so you can pull it out of your pocket and check the time, weather, etc. without turning on your phone. I had one of those ‘why don’t all smartphone covers do this?’ moments when I first played with it. Although it isn’t without its drawbacks..the folio case offers no impact protection, and it was incompatible with every case I tried to fit it with. The case is sweet and is definitely an eye-popping case that will make your friends envious, but it does come with risk.

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5. Otterbox Commuter Series for Galaxy S4

Otterbox Commuter Series Galaxy S4 case

Otterbox’s second entry on this list is essentially a paired down version of the Defender.
The Commuter series is, like its name implies, more for the clutzy city-living commuter who wants to know their phone will survive a few drops on the pavement. The Commuter Series case comes with the same port covers to protect against dirt, moisture and rain, but comes in much thinner than the Defender Series. The best feature is the sleek outer layer that makes it easy to pop in and out of your pocket.

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otterbox defender galaxy s4 case

6. Boxwave Classic Book Case for Galaxy S4

Boxwave Book Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy SIII was a large smartphone, and the S4 is even larger. It’s now so big it could pass for an actual book. This creative case will disguise your phone as a book, both working as an anti-theft device (who would steal a book these days?) and a way to freak out strangers when you start talking into your book. The genuine leather case has a protective spine and a soft-suede interior to protect your phone. It also features cut-outs for all your phone’s ports as well as having credit card slots so you don’t have to take your wallet with you when you go out.

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best samsung galaxy s4 cases

7. Speck’s Candy Shell Grip Galaxy S4 Case

Speck Candyshell Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

As far as snap-on back cases go, Speck’s candy-shell grip stands out for its smart construction and feel. The case is reinforced in the corners (where most drops happen) and also has a matte-texture for a better grip. It has openings for all the major ports so you have full functionality of your phone. There’s also a huge variety of fun colors available.

[DFR:Embeddable Compset?p=777700002068691]

There you have it! Feel free to visit our Case Shop as we will keep adding Samsung Galaxy S4 cases as they become available!

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