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Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Case Review

Otterbox is known for providing great protective cases…that look like Otterbox. The bulky cases offer great protection, but as a trade-off they hide the great design and beauty of your phone. The most notable example is the bulky Otterbox Defender Series, which will protect your phone in pretty much any element, but you’d be hard pressed to even tell it’s an iPhone under all that protection.

The Otterbox Commuter is a more paired down version of the Defender series, with a thinner and more streamlined case that still provides ample protection but doesn’t add too much size and weight to your phone. Like the name “Commuter” implies, it essentially provides every day commuters peace of mind that if they drop their phones on the train, bus, or sidewalk, your phone will survive. I picture Defender series users at a logging camp using their phones. The Commuter is more for distracted or sleep deprived city dwellers.


Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 5 Case Review

Otterbox’s Raised Buttons

The case has two main parts: a softer rubberized case that goes around your phone and absorbs any and all shocks, and a harder outer case on the outside. It also comes with a screen protector and a cloth to wipe the screen. It also has protective flaps to protect your headphone jack and lightning port from dust and other elements. The case has its own volume and power buttons that fit over the original buttons and function just fine.

The Good:

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Case- front viewThe case is very well built and will protect your phone from everything short of a vehicle running over it. It’s sleeker than the Defender case and yet feels like nothing could hurt your phone. It looks good, and protects your case.

The Bad:

There isn’t much difference or improvement between this case and the iPhone 4S case. It’s a fraction of an ounce lighter, but that is about it. Otterbox seems to have figured that, if the case is good, no need to fix it.

The Takeaway:

If you had the Commuter series case on a previous phone of yours then you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s a good protective case, without the protective overkill of the Defender Series. Perfect for the city commuter who wants a case that will keep their phone safe and sound no matter what.

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